Gateway Hockey’s Performance Coaching Program is designed to allow players to review game footage, build an individualized improvement plan and begin to set new realistic goals. With the high cost of ice Gateway Hockey’s Performance Coaching Program is a highly effective way to improve your game away from the rink through mental training. Mental Training is a key to elite player’s success and is part of both Junior and Professional Hockey’s coaching methodology.
Performance Coaching- How it works...

Initial Player Meeting
Private On-ice Lesson to Evaluate
Goal Setting
Game or Practice Evaluation
Video Coaching Session
Improvement Plan
Reset Goals
Evaluate Outcomes

Performance coaching is designed to be a resource for the full hockey season. The process normally begins by evaluating and setting goals for the off-season. Once the season begins strategic one-on

Gateway Hockey is a leader in Performance Coaching...
What is Performance Coaching? What are the benefits?
It is commonly accepted that winning the mental game is as essential as the physical side. Top athletes truly understand the positive impact that mental preparation has in training and playing at your highest level.
We offer High-Performance Sports Coaching to help provide athletes improve their performance, giving them that vital edge.
Some of the key benefits are as follows:

Improved self-confidence
Getting into the optimum state before and during the event
Mental toughness
Increased motivation
Improved training
Better performance