Partner with GAteway HOCKEY and get the ultimate coaching experience


  • Fundamental training 
  • Puck Protection
  • Improving teamwork skills
  • Improved Hockey IQ
  • Personal mentoring
  • Advanced Skills

Through Gateway Hockey  guidance, more than 100 of our athletes have received Division 1 scholarships and many play in the NHL

How to Play:

Spring Hockey Training

Our program will combine individual skill, power skating, agility, quickness and strength training along
with exhibition games, intra-squad and tournament competition to ensure all players have the
opportunity to put their practice into game situations. Players will be provided individual skill
development leading into team system play to help in their development.
The responsibility of our spring hockey program is to maximize the player’s hockey development. This is
accomplished through quality repetition, repeating fundamental skills, using correct technique, until
skills are fully learned. It is very important for kids to give it their best effort every session on and off the
ice, as it will give them the best opportunity to develop their skills. Our responsibility as an organization
is to ensure we provide a valuable program to your son or daughter.

wHat we Do

Learn to play the game from the perspective of improved three zone play, dynamic skating and elite individual offensive and defensive tactics.


Build Baseline Skating

Skating is the foundation of the game and we insure that correct and effective skating is a key focus of our programs. From basic to advance skating drills used at the Junior and Pro Levels to improve stride, balance, power and edge control we reinforce these skills with our overall drill selection to improve individual skills to game tactics


We place a considerable focus on shooting in stride and build skills to allow players to become better offensive players with improved technique, balance and accurracy.